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GUIDELINES: Triangle Folk Dancers Email Lists

For either list, we ask first that you refrain from sending anything that may be offensive. The obvious topics include:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Chain letters
  • Jokes

This list is for short, brief announcements (and sometimes updates) of general interest to all dancers.Topics may include:

  • Folk dance parties, workshops, and dance and music performances or exhibitions
  • Other events that either involve our current or alumni folk dancers or may be of general folk-related interest (museum openings, plays, etc.)
  • Family transitions: births, deaths, marriages, illnesses, etc.
  • Dance (RIFD or CHIFDC) organizational topics, such as decisions, upcoming meetings, location changes, and upcoming teaching (to name a few)

The operative words here are announcement and brief. Please, do not “reply all” to the announce list or post a global opinion. If you have a question, then reply privately to the sender only. If you want to discuss, vote, or chat about any posted announcement, then shift over to the folkchat list.


This list is for just about any other topic you want to discuss. Example topics may include:

  • Discussions about “announce” list postings
  • Requests for feedback or votes on issues
  • Requests for information
  • Sales of, or requests for, folk dance items

For the most part, this will be unmoderated (or self-governing). That is, we will not intervene unless asked. The only rule is that you remain courteous. Passionate discussions are great, sharing your opinions is fine, but please do not virtually attack, flame, or belittle your discussion members.

Your Administrators (Dan, & Bernie)

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