Durham-Chapel Hill International Folk Dancers

Welcome! The Durham-Chapel Hill International Folk Dancers have been getting together to learn and enjoy international dancing since 1964. The group started in Chapel Hill. We've been dancing in Durham for decades and are back in Chapel Hill.

We meet most Wednesday nights from 7:00-9:30 p.m. at


Carol Woods Retirement Community

Fitness Center, Classroom 2


750 Weaver Dairy Rd.

Chapel Hill NC 27514 



campus map with guide


To get to the Fitness Center, drive in the Carol Woods entrance, turn left at the intersection, and follow around the main loop road (Harkness Circle). Turn right at the sign for


Building 3 - Fitness Center


The Fitness Center parking lot is on Google Maps is here. Please park near Harkness Circle to leave spaces open for residents. Once you park your car, walk into the Fitness Center lobby, turn right, and walk toward the pool. Classroom 2 will be on the right. (The red area below.)

We require all visitors to be fully vaccinated* against COVID-19 at least one week before dancing. Masks are optional.


We are open to the public and partners are not necessary. First-time visitors are asked to sign a liability waiver.


Carol Woods offers this space to us for free as part of their community outreach program. Members of the public will be guests of residents of the CW community.




7:00 PM ‐ Easy dances

8:00 PM ‐ Teaching

8:30 PM ‐ Short break for announcements

9:30 PM ‐ Dancing ends (Please note that the building automatically locks at 9 PM. You will not be able to reenter.)



Ann DeMaine: 919-357-4525 demaineann42@gmail.com

Dan Oldman: 919-523-7745 daniel.oldman@gmail.com

50-year Reunion 2014

* Fine print: "fully vaccinated" means that you have followed community standards for this term to the best of your ability. No proof is required.